An API for game developers

Easily create, manage and measure game tokens, virtual currencies and point systems

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Create and manage Digital Economies

Nixden gives you the tools you need to succesfully launch and manage virtual currencies, game tokens, point systems and any digital asset for your upcoming game, existing game or full-blown metaverse.

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Focused on Security

We use bank-grade security and advanced encryption to protect your digital world. We treat every point, virtual asset or game token with utmost care, transparency and responsibility.

Data driven

Measure the monetary interactions happening in your game or virtual world with perfect precision. Have fun finding out the GDP of your virtual economy, see usage trends, and take better decisions based on data.

Cost efficient

Save time and money. We guarantee that launching a digital asset or game token with us is not only better, but significantly cheaper than building on your own. Additionally, we give you exposure and free consultations on game economics for your particular use case.